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Digital Forensic Investigator - HC1833

Hampshire Constabulary
£30,180 to £31,938, per annum
Portsmouth University

We are currently recruiting for a Digital Forensic Investigator, in this role you will forensically examine and retrieve evidence and intelligence from digital devices and related media

Key tasks will include:

Carry out forensic examinations of digital devices and media. Where applicable, secure and retrieve relevant data from those devices, in accordance with national guidelines, carried out by utilising proprietary and bespoke forensic hardware and software, extract data using suitable applications for the Officer in the Case (OIC) to view. Be able to facilitate viewing of the data by the OIC and advise accordingly, so that the OIC may understand the evidential significance of what has been recovered and use that material to further his/her investigation and for presentation in court.

As well as prepare reports and statements and have a working knowledge of the rules of evidence relating to seizure, preservation and admissibility. Advise CPS/Counsel in relation of digital evidence and if necessary present evidence in court in a clear and comprehensible manner and attend crime scenes or commercial premises where there is a specific need for digital technical expertise and advice.

Please see the role profile for further information.

Additional Requirements

Be available as part of an on call facility in relation to the core activities of the HTCU – Computer Investigators Only.

Applicants will have to agree to undergo security vetting.

The applicant should be aware that a large proportion of the enquiries received at this Unit will mean that they will handle disturbing material which can include pornography of all types and indecent / abusive images of children. As a result, regular de-briefing sessions with occupational health will be required.

The applicant should have access to a reliable system of transport.

The role holders will have to attend and successfully pass role specific training provided by the College of Policing and Industry recognised training to be able to complete their role.

Forensic Computing: Foundations (Computer Investigators) - This training will cover the tools used in the examination of digital devices and the application of such tools in investigations.

QCF Level 6 in Computer Studies or to have relevant work experience deemed to have brought the post holder to a comparable level.
Be able to demonstrate a comprehensive investigative/ analytical capability. Experienced in the use of a wide range of operating systems. For example, Windows, Linux, OSX, Android. Comprehensive working knowledge of a wide variety of file systems. Familiar with and confident in, a command-line based environment. Experience of producing detailed technical reports.
Fairness and Equality forms a part of Hampshire Constabulary’s Core Values and this will therefore form an integral part of the recruiting and selection process. Although Fairness and Equality may not be assessed or questioned as a stand-alone topic, it will be threaded throughout the recruiting and selection process. It is therefore advisable that you are able to provide positive evidence in this area.
Recruitment Team on 01962 846438
19 December 2017
Hampshire Constabulary
Scientific Service, Investigation
£30,000 - £39,999
Full Time